Professional, Knowledgeable, Helpful

Paul Sweeney represented me through a very disagreeable divorce. He and his staff, especially Susanne Paulin, were extremely professional, knowledgeable, helpful and importantly realistic, which kept the affair out of court while guiding me through the complications of this life changing event. Paul and company were respectful of the parties involved, and provided fair and just representation throughout. I would recommend Paul and his staff to anyone needing help in family matters.


Mother Theresa of Lawyers

I have been a client of Attorney Paul Sweeney’s since 2011. Paul Sweeney is the Mother Theresa of lawyers. He and his staff have always been so compassionate, caring and positive. I honestly can say I would not be where I am today without Paul Sweeney.


100% Satisfied

I have been a client of Paul for over 13 years. The Law Office of Paul J. Sweeney handled my very difficult divorce case and was successful in all aspects of the case. Paul’s expertise and confident in the court room and Susanne’s knowledge, preparation and hard work always delivered positive results. I was 100 percent satisfied and highly recommend The Law Office of Paul J. Sweeney.


High Quality Professional

My family and I have had a very responsive and high quality professional relationship–with Paul and his paralegal, Susanne. It has been ongoing for years. I would not hesitate to recommend the Law Office of Paul J. Sweeney to anyone seeking Probate Representation; Estate Advice; or Issues in Family Law.


Highly Recommend

Attorney Sweeney represented me through my divorce and was able to negotiate a quick settlement which awarded me joint physical custody of my four children without having to go through a costly trial. I can't say enough about how I was and still are treated by him and his paralegal Ms S Paullin!


Extremely Helpful

Paul Sweeney and his assistant Susanne, were extremely helpful during my long legal battle with some disagreeable family members. I hired him to handle two estate cases that were terribly complicated and he was always responsive to my feelings and questions.


Highly Recommend

Attorney Sweeney represented me in 1998/1999 when I divorced. In the years since Paul has handled many Probate and guardianship issues for me, my family and friends. I have also always been able to depend on Paul for legal advice, which has been very helpful. I would highly recommend Paul and his staff.


Calm, Compassionate & Smart

Paul Sweeney was recommended to me by a friend who had two divorces. She said her first lawyer was horrible and that for her second divorce, she found Paul who was amazing. And that was true for me as well. I went into this process completely naive about how one actually divorces. Paul was calm, compassionate, soft spoken, smart and confident that he would take care of me. He is a wiz with numbers and can move them around better than any car salesman I have ever seen. I ended up with the family home and did not have to buy my husband out which is awesome. I can now move forward without a gigantic mortgage that would have financially choked me.


Caring, Sensitive & Tough

I have known Paul Sweeney for over 16 years. He has handled my divorce in a case where everything has been challenged since day one making it a difficult case not to mention miserable. Attorney Sweeney has been caring, sensitive, tough when it has been warranted and always knowledgeable about all aspects of my case. I have been extremely please with his company (namely Susanne Paullin) and consider myself very fortunate for their representation, timely responses and consideration of my son's best interest always. I would highly recommend Attorney Sweeney.


Attorney Sweeney Truly Cares

Attorney Sweeney truly cares about the wellbeing of his clients, both emotionally and financially. Divorce is never easy, but he and his staff help make you feel calm and confident throughout the process. He looks out for the children involved in cases and makes every effort to keep fees down and not litigate unnecessarily. He is a true find in the sea of litigious family law attorneys!


They Truly Care About Your Needs

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Paul and Suzanne. They truly care about your needs, are incredibly responsive and professional. I used them for my divorce that involved a daughter with special needs.


Professional, Caring, Responsive

Paul and Susanne not only saw me through my divorce process (that included children), but have been involved in various follow-up issues in probate court (2011-2016). First and foremost, the entire team (Paul, Susanne, and Lauren) is very professional, caring and extremely responsive. Divorce involving children is always challenging, and is only "seamless" for people with means (which we were not due to life circumstances). What struck me about Paul's process was that he truly sought as much of a win-win scenario as possible - looking out for the interests of my ex-wife also, because of how it would impact the children. If you are looking for a cut-throat, take the ex for all they have mercenary - Paul's not your guy! I respect what Paul's team attempts to achieve for families during a very distressing time.


Genuine & Knowledgeable

I met attorney Sweeney for specific matters. He responded to my query on timely basis. He came prepared to the meeting with the relevant statutes that were applicable to my matter. Most importantly, Attorney Sweeney was not greedy or pushy. He was genuine, knowledgeable, courteous and sensitive to my situation. Finding good lawyers is difficult- as litigation is an unknown territory for most people and can be expensive. Thus partnering with a trusted legal advisor can make a bad situation somewhat bearable. I feel Attorney Sweeney is that kind of a person who would put the concerns of his clients in perspective.


On-Point & Straightforward

On point and straightforward. Looking forward to your answer the next question I posted today.


An Honest Soul

Attorney Sweeney saves families because he’s an honest soul. As I met with him the first time, I noticed he set his pen down when I first began to speak and there it stayed. I spoke for hours, crying and sharing until I had to pick up my daughter. I arrived home and some time later I received a nearly full account of our discussion via email that afternoon. He listens on another level.This man is a god. He’s soft and sharp and brilliant and has restored my faith in the constitution. But most of all, he has solidified that the truth is the truth and I truly believe that as long as I hold onto that, everything comes out in the wash. If you have a nasty divorce or custody case stealing your peace, I suggest you go find Paul & his delightful team of protagonists. Allow them to propel you. Endless thanks from my family.

Nora E. Tague