Abuse & Restraining Orders Attorney Serving Boston, Massachusetts

If you are a victim of abuse, you may need help breaking away from your relationship.  You should contact DOVE, Inc., The Women’s Center, New Hope, Inc., or some other agency or therapist to assist you in getting out of an abusive relationship.  You should know that if you are a victim of physical abuse, are placed in reasonable fear of imminent physical harm, or are forced to engage involuntarily in sexual relations, you may seek a restraining order against your abuser.  If you are in a crisis situation, you should call 911 or your local police department so they can respond to your emergency.  They will not only intervene in the crisis but can also request an emergency abuse restraining order to protect you.  These orders are granted by a Justice of the Trial Court who is available when courts are not open and who is authorized to issue emergency restraining orders by phone through the local police department.

If you find yourself in a crisis situation where the on-call judge has issued a temporary restraining order through the police, you will be required to attend court the next day that the courthouse is open.  Call your attorney as soon as possible.  When you appear at the courthouse, there is usually a victim advocate assigned to your case to help you while you are in court.